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Top 5 Anime Advent Calendars – Most Popular Anime Gift Guide

The holidays are coming, which can only mean one thing; it’s time for the best anime advent calendars. These top anime advent calendars are sure to get you in the holiday spirit, with fun and festive activities to keep you entertained throughout the season.

5 Anime Advent Calendars That Help You Countdown To Holidays

Whether you’re a seasoned anime fan or just getting started, there’s something for everyone here. So come on and look at each of these anime advent calendar options.

One Piece Advent Calendar

One Piece Advent Calendar - Luffy Gear 5 - 1

One Piece Advent Calendar is the perfect way for any fan of the series to celebrate the holidays. This unique calendar has 24 compartments, each containing a different gift. The theme of this calendar box is Luffy’s new 5-gear form – Nika Mode. With so many great gifts, One Piece anime Advent Calendar is sure to please any fan of the series. And with so many great gifts to choose from, it’s sure to be a hit with One Piece fans of all ages. 

Naruto Advent Calendar

Naruto Advent Calendar - New 2022 Edition-V1

The Naruto advent calendar is a special calendar used by anime and manga fans of the popular series. The anime advent calendar features 24 days of numbered windows, each containing a different character from the series. This year, the calendar offers a festive and fun way to celebrate Halloween, when fans receive a special prize. Each of the 24 doors contains exclusive gifts designed specifically for this calendar. With unisex gifts that any Naruto fan is sure to love, this is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit.

Dragon Ball Advent Calendar

If you’re a fan of Dragonball, then you’ll love this Dragon ball Advent Calendar. Each day leading up to Halloween, you’ll open a new door to reveal a different Dragonball character. Behind each door, there is a different Dragon Ball prop, including miniature souvenirs and more. There are also many other characters from the series, so you’re sure to find your favorites. The calendar is a great way to countdown to Halloween, and it’s also a great way to show your support for the series. 

Pokemon Halloween Advent Calendar

Pokemon advent calendar Halloween witcher-1

This holiday season, celebrate Halloween with your favorite Pokémon characters! Each box in this Pokémon Advent Calendar contains a different gift that celebrates the holiday spirit of each character. Each gift comes complete with an adorable keychain and a colorful envelope to personalize it and make sure everyone knows who received their gift. The product features  24 Gifts Boxes containing 24 Blessings and 24 Surprises. It is a complete  gift set, and a great way to Start holiday Season off Right!

Demon Slayer Advent Calendar

Demon Slayer Advent Calendar - Best Gift-1

Demon Slayer season three is most definitely on the way, so fans who were worried that we’d seen the end of Tanjiro and Nezuko (and everyone else) can rest easy.

This is a countdown calendar for the anime series, Demon Slayer Advent Calendar. The Advent Calendar contains 24 gifts that can be opened when it comes out. Each gift includes a collectible token, which is only available during this special event. Each day will include a special gift based on character traits and the demon-slaying techniques of the main characters.

These anime themed calendars are now available in the following packages: Single Pack, Dual Pack and Family Pack(3PCS) Don’t wait until Halloween and Christmas arrives, Catch up on your favor anime calendars today.

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