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Top 10 Beloved Spy x Family Characters

“Spy x Family” unfolds in a world on the brink of political turmoil, where espionage and secrets abound. At the center of this thrilling manga series is Twilight, an exceptional spy who embarks on a dangerous mission to infiltrate an elite school. To achieve his objective, he must create a convincing cover—by forming a family.In this article I will introduce you the top 10 beloved Spy x Family Characters.

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Top.1  Twilight:

The protagonist of the series, Twilight is a highly skilled spy who takes on a mission to infiltrate an elite school. He’s known for his exceptional intelligence, quick thinking, and versatile abilities.

Twilight - SPY X FAMILY Characters

Top.2  Yor Briar:

Yor Briar is a talented assassin who masquerades as Twilight’s wife. Her role in the mission is to pose as a loving spouse and gain access to sensitive information. Yor is strong-willed, resourceful, and surprisingly caring, making her a fan favorite.

 Yor Briar

Top.3  Anya Forger:

Anya, the couple’s adopted daughter, is a telepathic child with a remarkable ability to read minds. Despite her young age, she plays a crucial role in the family’s undercover operation and often brings humor and innocence to the story.

Anya Forger- SPY X FAMILY Characters

Top.4  Loid Forger:

Loid is Twilight’s alias as he poses as a mild-mannered office worker and Yor’s husband. He showcases his parenting skills while trying to maintain his spy persona, resulting in hilarious situations and heartwarming moments.

 Loid Forger

Top.5  Damian Desmond:

Damian is a brilliant young boy who attends the same school as Anya. As the son of a powerful politician, he becomes involved with Twilight and unknowingly becomes a key player in their mission.

Damian Desmond-SPY X FAMILY Characters

Top.6 Bond Forger:

A large dog (presumably of the Great Pyrenees breed) with clairvoyant powers that is the pet of the Forger family. He is named after Bonderman, the protagonist of Ania’s favourite spy anime Spy Wars.Bond Forger is able to foresee the future, and Ania can also see Bond’s precognitive images through his mind-reading skills, although his own thoughts and actions in response to his precognition are sometimes more innocent than Ania’s. He is also able to see the future through his mind-reading skills.

Bond Forger-SPY X FAMILY Characters

Top.7  Becky Blackbell:

Becky Blackbell,Anya’s best friend, is a student of Year 3 (Cecil’s dormitory), a classmate of Anya.She os a sincere rich girl. She has been inseparable from Anya since the first day she entered the school. She has reddish-black hair, often wears a double ponytail and a white hairpin with a bomb design.

Becky Blackbell-SPY X FAMILY Characters

Top.8  Lily:

Lily is Damian’s caretaker and serves as an important ally to Twilight. As a skilled agent herself, she helps Twilight navigate dangerous situations and provides crucial information for their mission’s success.

Lily from spy family

Top.9 Emile Elman:

Emile Elman is Anya’s classmate and Damien’s friend and follower. Known to Anya as her “vassal”, he is short, stocky, and has a mushroom haircut. He is a simple and righteous person, and is in an iron triangle with Damian and Yune. Sometimes he intentionally making mistakes and gets punished together with Damian, hoping to accompany him through this.

Emile Elman-SPY X FAMILY Characters

Top.10 Fiona Frost(Nightfall):

WISE’s female spy, Twilight’s colleague, codenamed (Nightfall), the surface identity is a staff member of the Burlington General Hospital. When she talks to Twilight, she doesn’t change her face, but in fact, she likes Twilight very much and dreams of becomingTwilight’s wife. She has short, silver-white hair that contrasts with Yoru’s. She is very cold in both appearance and manner of speaking.And she fears almost everyone in WISE, but only because she remembers what Twilight taught her: “Spies should not show their feelings”, but in fact she has a lot of inner theatre, and is cold on the outside and hot on the inside.

Fiona Frost

The end

These ten diverse and captivating characters drive the narrative of “Spy x Family,” each bringing their unique skills, personalities, and secrets to the table. They provide a perfect blend of action, humor, and heartwarming moments that have endeared them to fans around the world.

(Author says:This is a mysterious family group and how do they accomplish their mission step by step as spies? If you are interested in it, don’t miss Spy x Family! If you want to get more about the anime or the anime advent calendar,welcome to contact us!)

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